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Mar 2, 2016:   Cannabis Affects Ability To Process Emotion, New Study Says

Feb 23, 2016:   PA Senate Passes Medical Cannabis and other legal cannabis news!

Feb 16, 2016:  Using Cannabis to Treat Depression

Feb 9, 2016:  USDA issues first organic seal to Cannabis plus other interesting stories

Feb 2, 2016:   The USDA issued its first Organic Seal to a Cannabis Product

Jan 26, 2016:   Israel seeks to let general practitioners prescribe cannabis

Jan 20, 2016:   Largest ever longitudinal twin study of adolescent cannabis use finds no relationship between heavy use and IQ decline

Jan 7, 2016:   ‘Cannabis for kids’ legislation filed

Dec 30, 2015:   Which States are Most Likely to Legalize Cannabis in 2016?

Dec 22, 2015:   Congress Extends ‘Ceasefire’ On Medical Marijuana, But Can They Clear The Smoke?

Dec 15, 2015:   The World of Cannabis Terpenes Will Blow Your Mind

Dec 8, 2015:   Snoop Dogg: Cannabis Product Line, ‘Leafs’ Launched

Dec 1, 2015:   Banking on the Marijuana Industry?

Nov 24, 2015:   Wholesale Cannabis Prices Sky-High in Colorado, Dampening Fears of Crash

Nov 17, 2015:   Senate OKs Medical Pot for Veterans

Nov 11, 2015:   Snoop Dogg Launches Line of Cannabis Products

Nov 3, 2015:   Ohio to vote on recreational cannabis

Oct 27, 2015:   Marijuana use doubles among US adults

Oct 20, 2015:   The US Government FINALLY Admits Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells

Oct 13, 2015:   Colorado’s monthly marijuana sales top $100 million

Oct 7, 2015:   Marijuana growers sentenced to federal prison

Sept 30, 2015:   Colorado Raised More Tax Revenue From Cannabis Than Alcohol